What makes our coffee great: Our wholesale experience

What makes our coffee great: Our wholesale experience

October 31, 2016

When starting a café, no coffee roaster is more hands on and customer service oriented than us. We do many different things to make sure our wholesalers are happy!

We supply everything from coffee to cups, and every product is the highest quality we can find.  We only sell the best syrups, Monin, which is the only brand that is made with all natural pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. All the paper products we supply are made from post consumer recycled content as well, so you can have high quality products that are also good for the environment.

We want to make the coffee you sell unique to your store, so we offer a full cupping room where you can come and create your own custom coffee to sell exclusively at your coffee shop. And we mean exclusively, we won’t sell your coffee on our website or anywhere else. That means once your customers fall in love with it, they’ll have to come back to your store to buy it. Not only do we make custom espressos, we also can make custom flavored coffees as well as regular custom house roasts. Just tell us the flavors you’re looking for and we will create it for you, no matter how crazy!

Walker Mowers in Fort Collins created their own blend based off a coffee they already liked and this is what they had to say about it: “We are loving the coffee. We like your custom roast better than the Kicking Horse already. We are looking forward to your final roast this week. Thanks so much for offering that service and supplying us. We are glad to be working locally and knowing our coffee is top quality and roasted fresh.”

We also have an in-house graphic designer to help you create your own custom labels for your bags of coffee. Imagine a bag of Jackie’s Java in your store, but the label is YOUR company logo. It’s great advertising for your business, especially when customers give bags to their friends and family as gifts. We can also help brand your coffee cups with your own logo so when people take their coffee to-go they are spreading the word about your shop!

We attend the SCAA tradeshow nearly every year so we see new products before they have hit the market and we are happy to pass new and exciting things on to our customers. For example, last year at the tradeshow we found a whipped cream charger that we now sell to our wholesalers. Fill it with real cream and put in an NO2  cartridge and you have real whipped cream! It’s 1000 times better then the canned store bought “whip cream.” You can even change the flavor and the color of the whipped cream and it lasts weeks in the fridge. These are the types of things we discover and then share with our wholesale customers.

We provide superior customer service. Having a problem? Give us a call and we can help you out right then. We do everything we can to help you be successful!

Interested in applying to be a wholesaler?

Why become a wholesaler?

  • Wholesalers get 27-36% off resale prices
  • You’ll be serving roasted-to-order, local coffee
  • Free shipping after spending $300
  • Create free custom blends and custom labels
  • Wholesale prices aren’t just for coffee shops, they’re offered to offices too!

To apply, please visit our wholesale page, fill out the form, and Jackie will contact you soon! Thank you for your interest!

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