St. Michael's Farms Honey

St. Michael’s Farms, is committed to providing you with exceptional, natural honey products. Their RAW Local Raw Honey is a testament to their dedication to preserving the rich, unprocessed flavors and health benefits of locally harvested honey from Fort Collins, Colorado. Each jar is filled with pure honey, untainted by additives or artificial ingredients.

By choosing the RAW Local Raw Honey, you’re not only enjoying the purest form of honey but also supporting local beekeepers and their dedication to sustainable practices. Experience the authentic taste of honey by ordering your jar today and let nature’s sweetness become an essential part of your daily life.

As as added bonus, St. Michael's Farms uses our chaff (the dried skin on a coffee bean, the husk, which comes off during the roasting process) in their composting. When added to a compost heap, it introduces a healthy amount of nitrogen and enriches the soil.

Collections: Brewing and Drinking

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