Meet the team: Sandy

Meet the team: Sandy

July 11, 2016

Sandy is from Seattle, Washington and she joined the Jackie’s Java team in October 2015.

Although always extremely caffeinated, Sandy is the world’s best packager. We are not quite sure how she can drink so much coffee and still stick the labels on straight, but this super power has earned her the responsibility of  bagging up all of our beans. Sandy is also our main  Fort Collins and Loveland delivery gal, so you may recognize her smiling face as being the one delivering your coffee each week. Sandy is a HUGE coffee drinker and has quite the pallet. She really enjoys our flavored coffees so Sandy helps Jackie create new flavors as well as cup coffees on a daily basis.

Sandy’s love of coffee is not new; she said she drank so much coffee in college she decided to work with it. Before coming to Jackie’s Java, Sandy said she worked as a barista for 20 years. Now she enjoys being able to work on the other side of coffee production.

Sandy said her favorite part of the job is getting to play with coffee all day long.

When she isn’t in the warehouse or dropping off coffee orders, Sandy likes to take her Jeep Wrangler into the mountains, play outside, and go camping. She also enjoys the Grateful Dead.

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