Meet the team: Rachel

Meet the team: Rachel

July 11, 2016

Rachel is from Colorado Springs and does the web and graphic design for Jackie’s Java. She makes graphics for online and print products. Her main job is creating all of our custom coffee labels for weddings, businesses, and other special events.

She is studying graphic design at Colorado State University with a minor in creative writing. She loves being able to express her creativity while working with coffee in such a welcoming environment.

Rachel likes working with coffee because she knows that many people drink it and are passionate about it, so she wants to help fuel that passion. She also wants to work with a team that impacts people, like the team at Jackie’s Java! She especially enjoys design because she can create an image that people recognize.

Away from the warehouse, Rachel enjoys hiking, writing novels, listening to music, playing video games and drinking coffee (duh)! Her favorite is any medium roast from Jackie’a Java.

After school, Rachel is open to whatever comes her way as long as she can continue making a positive impact on the world.

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